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Had to block a certain user; not saying their name; for faving over 600 of my deviations. If I see that again happen to anybody, or if you fave my stuff in general, you too will get blocked.
Made a milestone today with 100,000 favorites!
After Day 4 of Pokemon Diamond, I am done with the entire game. Now I gotta wait til March for Pokemon Pearl.
Day 3 of Pokemon Diamond. I feel like I'm halfway through the game.
Day 2 of Pokemon Diamond was yesterday, sorry I forgot to post.
Going to start playing Pokemon Diamond today. I'm so excited! I haven't played this game in years.
Thank you all so much for 500 llama badges!
Thank you all so much for over 5,000 views!
Day 5 of Pokemon Ultra Moon. Today will most definitely be the last day. And my cold is somewhat improving.

Edit: Finally finished with Pokemon Ultra Moon. One of the best Pokemon games I've ever played, in my opinion. Now I can wait until July for Pokemon Ultra Sun.
Day 4 of Pokemon Ultra Moon. Hopefully it will be the last day. And I'm also still sick.

Edit: Today was not the last day. Still have to battle 2 of the Elite Four and Hau. But I will say this. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are way better than Sun and Moon hands down.
Day 3 of Pokemon Ultra Moon. Now got a runny nose to add to my bad-enough-already cold.
Day 2 of Pokemon Ultra Moon. Still sick, but I can still talk. That's all what matters.
Going to start Pokemon Ultra Moon today, even though I'm a little sick. I was supposed to start it yesterday, but I had to help my grandparents take down their Christmas decorations.


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24 years old and a lover of the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA game series and the modules, especially the Len modules.


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